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Adding experience

"The internet is the greatest force for commoditization known to man," say Pine & Gilmore in their book The Experience Economy . The Information Age increasingly enables our customers to compare service and product offerings.

"Future products will have to appeal to our hearts, not to our heads," says Rolf Jensen in his book The Dream Society . "Businesses, communities, and people will thrive on the basis of their stories, not just on data and information."

The first companies to offer services, during the fifties of the last century, were ridiculed and frowned upon. Understandably so, since industry, the production of tangible goods, had been the primary focus for over a hundred years. Fifty years later, no-one will deny that services can provide added value.

We are witnessing the dawn of a new era, in which we transition from a service to an experience economy, in which our customers' and/or employees' experience is the added value.

Reaching goals


Adding experience? Does that sound right to you? Interesting? Crazy?

No need to panic: Adding experience should always be linked to your objectives. Which brings us to Dutopia's idea of Storytelling: adding experience, reaching goals. Whether you want to motivate, change, increase productivity, efficiency, profitability or sales results, effective stories are essential in achieving the desired transformation.

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