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1984 - The year I graduated from high school. In those days, we were obliged to read books from a mandated list. As most students probably, I read the required numer of titles with varying degrees of enthusiasm. However one novel jumped out at me, grabbed me by the throat and made a lasting impression: Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell. The famous novel, written in 1948, describes a society controlled by Big Brother. Individuality is suspect, human feeling is systematicaly banned. One of the most effective measures towards this goal is New Speak, the language from which all emotional words are eliminated.

Dutopia: more than forty years experience in Information Technology, sales, management and inspiration.

Paul Joosten (1964, Boxmeer)

Paul Joosten's photo Graduated Commercial Economy, HEAO Arnhem. Was employed in several IT-management and sales-functions for twenty years, most recently as Commercial Director of Business Objects. Previously, he was employed by Oracle, after starting his career in IT within Memorex and Bull. Mr. Joosten is founder and owner of D utopia BV .

Willem Asman (1959, Amsterdam)

Willem Asman's photo Graduated law school at University of Amsterdam, and was employed by Oracle Corporation for fifteen years, in several international, commercial and management-functions. His debut novel De Cassandra Paradox (2006), Britannica (2008) and Wondermans eindspel (2009) were published by De Bezige Bij/Cargo. His fourth novel, Koninginnedag, will be released in April 2010. (Authors photograph by Mark Kohn)

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